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4ever News is a News broadcasting organization fully founded and managed by Fernando J. Escaffi from Fairfax, VA. We are a conservative organization that after observing the constant attacks on our freedom of speech, the censoring and manipulation of information, plus the division created in our country by the left leaning media, we decided to invest time, energy, and the money needed to counter act their negative impact in the American People. We hired a team of IT experts, news analysts, and videographers to help us in these cause. We select the most relevant news to share in a centralized way. We study events carefully and create our own 4ever Videos summarizing our findings to help our readers who seek understanding.

We also decided to promote our own values among our readers. We believe in Love as the primary force, but we also believe in peace through strength, in law and order, in jobs and business opportunity as the best version of charity. We believe in Fairness vs equality, those who put more effort in deserve more. People must be fairly rewarded for their work and contribution. We believe in the nuclear family as the main foundation of humanity, we believe in allowing our children to be children, in parents’ right to raise and educate their children, in the sanctity of human life. In rights followed by responsibilities. In a small, efficient, and effective government, which can still do more for the people while taxing them less. We believe in the 2nd amendment as our right to protect ourselves from tyranny, potential abusive governments, and also the attacks of evil criminals.

We the people must choose our government so they could work for us. We have the sacred right and duty to protect the integrity of our electoral system. WE HAVE AN INHERITED RIGHT TO PROTEST AGAINST ELECTION FRAUD AND ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

If you agree with our values, please share our channel, and follow us in our social media channels, you can also support our efforts on our webpage https://4ever.news.

We believe that a strong America is good for peace and prosperity in the entire world. As the first power we must lead by example. That means showing the path to success.

May God Bless America and help us in “Influencing the world in a positive way” That is our founder’s core mission!

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