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4everNews is a self-financed effort of a few patriots who, tired of the lies, hate, and near treasonous behavior of the main media and corrupted politicians, decided to engage in the 2022 midterm elections by creating this site in order to provide conservative Americans all over the world with a one-stop news and editorial option, and show how disingenuous and dangerous the left has become.

We select the most relevant news from trusted outlets, to give you the point of view of like-minded individuals and organizations, so you know the hard truths and can help reinforce our American values which today are at peril by those  who think that dividing us is the way to transform society. They are very wrong and we must stop them!

We deserve news and contents that show us why we MUST remain united to protect our Freedoms, our Christian values, our Families, our Children, the American way of life, provide for those who are truly in need, and think that a small efficient & effective government which can lower taxes and still achieves more for the American People, is way better than a gigantic bureaucratic & corrupt machine.
We need law and order, and call the woke movement for what they truly are – America’s enemies.

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